About Me

About Darrell Taylor (exocentrist)

Capt. Henri Rochard: “You from Brooklyn?”
Sentry: “Yonkers.”
Capt. Henri Rochard: “What are those?”
(Cary Grant, “I Was a Male War Bride”)

Fair enough.  What are exocentrists?

exocentric   adj    (Grammar)  (of a construction) not fulfilling the grammatical role of any of its constituents; as in “until last autumn,” where the constituents are prepositional, adjectival, and nominal, while the whole construction is adverbial.

(that is where the whole plays a different structural function than any of the parts)
An indirect move, a head-fake, an unexpected emergent meaning.

In gaming: “Using an Exocentric Sim, the player views an angled overhead view of the 3D world in which the learning takes place. Typically, this type of sim will involve human situations and events where the player controls characters and objects in the scenario.
There is less ‘presence’ than in an Egocentric Sim – the view is not so personal, there is less feeling of control and the scenario does not move as rapidly, in visual terms.”

In other words, standing “outside” the egocentric view of a situation.

And finally, just etymologically, it means “standing outside the center”–a more extreme
form of eccentricity.  Ex-stasis = standing/being “beside oneself” = ecstasy.  Sounds about right.

One more wrinkle: I’ll use the happy coincidence of the conjoined “xo” to award “hugs
and kisses” to what I like. NOTE: “xo-centricity” does NOT mean love to centrist politics,
centrist artists, or centrist style.  Quite the reverse!  This is a hymn to Outsiders!

Oh, about me…

I’m Darrell Taylor, in my 70s, a retired professor of philosophy and film, living in Maine since the late 1980s. I was one of the first two web developers in Maine, starting my Eyemagic company in 1995, and making scores of web sites for artists, companies, therapists, a wrestler, and so on, until closing Eyemagic around 2003.  I blogged for a while in 2003 as lightandvariable, then used that name for my renewed computer/web company. I have made very large (8 – 12 foot long) photocollages since the early 90s, and have exhibited my work in a Portland gallery. I have been with F., my photographer/teacher wife for almost 24 years. We sailed our 31′ sailboat from Maine to the west coast of Florida and back, living aboard the boat for a year and a half (mostly 1992). My interests in philosophy were largely French 20th century (Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, Derrida, Barthes), but I taught Hegel, Nietzsche, Freud, Husserl, and Heidegger, as well as many courses in film theory, film and politics–perhaps 30 different courses over 25 years, mostly at Queens College, CUNY, but also visiting at Penn State, Yale, USC, and other schools. Helped found the Film Studies department at Queens, and taught mostly film courses last 13 years of my time at Queens. Politically, I am Left Progressive–much to the left of any Democrat holding national office.  I am angry that our country has been taken over by Republiclowns, fundamentalists, Fox/Limbaugh clones, and anti-science “know-nothings,” and hope to live long enough to see America regain something of its heritage as inclusive, free, a bastion of civil liberties and justice, and an example to the world.

My Work History

Kansas childhood: lawn care, newspaper delivery, salve salesman (1936-49)
Oklahoma Jr. High, High School + : newspaper delivery, antenna installer, radio repairman, factory worker–assembly line in corrugated box plant (1949-55)
Indiana College: gospel quartet singer, choir director, associate pastor, publicity/art director for national religious radio program (1955-59)
California Grad School: Danforth Fellowship through Ph.D. Children’s choral director, associate minister, cantor in reform temple, soloist, factory worker (windows), mason’s helper, interior decorator deliveryman and janitor (1959-1966), college teacher in 2 colleges.
France: study, no pay. (1966-67)
New York
and Pennsylvania: professor, visiting professor (1967-91) in 4 colleges and universities.
Maine retirement, 1991. Sailing adventures, 1991-93,  founder/owner of Eyemagic Web Developers, 1994-2003, founder/owner of lightandvariable, photocollagist–large-scale murals, frequent travel to France.(2003-2012).