Mustache & Blog

What does a blog and a mustache have in common? Both so over that they’re hip again?. Neither necessary; both a bit exhibitionistic.

I wore a mustache for at least 30 years, including my whole teaching career. Letters to me by one of my students (headed to Yale Drama School) were always prefaced by “Cher Moustache”. I had nightmares wherein I inadvertently shaved it off, and would wake, heart pounding, to confirm that the upper lip was still decently covered. But recently I’m seeing lots more of them: young actors, guys in magazine spreads, even friends and relatives. Here’s one who dipped his lip into the fray:

A Mustache for My Son –

Dunno. As the “About Me” page illustrates, I have a short (white) beard. My son has kept a goatee for many years. Some women told me that they hated beards, since they camouflaged expressions betraying lying, or complex emotions. MOST women these days seem not to like mustaches (OR beards, for that matter). Part of the problem is remembering the attention I got from women when I wore the mustache–conveniently forgetting that I was 30 years younger, and that the style of the day very much included mustaches. So now I’m thinking about the clippers and razor just a few steps from this computer. I know the drill: I’ll cut it back to a mustache, then either shave clean, or let the beard creep back in on little mouse feet. For the record, my lovely femme, F, a diplomat, says she likes my short beard, liked me with mustache, and liked my face naked. My head lives in so many different decades that I no longer know what I, myself, prefer.

At least I don’t have to fret about my hair, makeup, or cosmetic surgery!

The Mustache

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