Sen. Snowe won’t seek re-election | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Sen. Snowe won’t seek re-election | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

This is BIG news in Maine!! God save us from Senator LePage! Hope we can continue the (interrupted by LePage) legacy of sanity in Maine politics with her successor.  Senator Pingree?  Senator Michaud?  Gonna be an interesting election year in the northeast corner of the country!

The End of the Republican Party?

The End of the Republican Party?.

One can dream…but I do remember similar stories about the Democratic party, post-Reagan (who today got voted in some silly poll our “best president”! Suck on that, Lincoln and Roosevelt!!) Are Americans predominately morons?

Maybe the Hispanic vote and the backlash to the Scalia court and the anger of the 99% will eventually get us some sanity back!

Romney, the Robot (and my moment of web traffic)…

A week or so ago I put up a website addressing the issue whether Mitt Romney is a robot. I included academic evidence, many links to youtube’s contributions, and made a couple photocollage graphics to flesh out my case (involving the sad case of Seamus, his dog, the trip to Canada on the roof of the car, and a reimagined version of “Forbidden Planet,” introducing “Romney, the Robot,” starring in “Forsaken Planet,” with Gingrich and Santorum–Senator Sanitarium–in supporting roles.)  It was picked up by a couple national political blogs, and web traffic spiked! I had my 15 minutes of web fame!?  No, but quite a few people saw it, and now that Romney seems likely to win his home state of Michigan, after all, I’m hoping this site, which will stay online until the election, does its tiny part to defeat this mutant alien!