Christian Marclay, Collagist, Filmmaker, Musician, etc.

The current New Yorker has an article about Christian Marclay’s 24-hour video collage, “The Clock”

You could actually use this 24-hour work as a clock, if you played it non-stop on a home monitor, and synchronized its start with the actual time. Fascinating commentary on life, film, aging, simultaneity, as well as a visual museum of thousands of familiar images in time.

You can get an idea of this massive work in the clips below, if you have the…uh…time to watch them:

And here’s an interview with Marclay concerning his work with turntables, vinyl records and other materials back to the 1970s

Douglas Gordon made a film, “24 Hour Psycho” that showed the Hitchcock film at 2 frames per second, so that it lasts 24 hours.
(Great if you need to write a term-paper about the shower scene for your film class).
Warhol made “Empire,” an 8-hour film of the Empire State Building, in which nothing much happens.

I think I’d prefer to see Marclay’s “The Clock” myself, but museums don’t usually stay open all night, and I tend to sleep every night. I guess I’ll have to wait for it on Netflix…